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So this is one more pic from my oc Ifrit
He's a boy one was possessed by a oni soul , they boy body when with the two souls inside become this Oni as a kind of "soul fusion" (lol?).
I will write a little of the idea on my journal :3 And maybe open for art trades ._____. this is , if there are any one interested ...
I'm such a FAIL with shadows OMG!

OC -

Oni OC

2011-03-04 22:19:28 by DreeH

A new OC xD
He's a boy possessed by a Oni spirit who wants to defeat the Big Oni ( King oni ) So that he doesn't need to die anymore or suffer in the underworld, but he's already dead and The Big Oni has psychical body so Ifrit ( the oni ) escapes to our world looking for a body.... That's all for now :P
When Ifrit ( the oni ) and the boy he posses transforms to the Oni form they kind of become a new person ,they don't stop existing , but the a no more two souls and yes one , sometimes the oni form refer to himself as "we" .

Oni OC

One of my projects where a lot of fairy tales..okay not a lot like 3 or 4 are involved. This one it's a confrontation between Little Red Hood ( know as Red Hood since she is elite wolf hunter ) and B.b.Wolf ( The Big Bad Wolf) in his human form ( he's kind of a Werewolf )... Yeah the story it's crazy, believe me I do know .-.

Little Red Riding Hood and B.B.Wolf

Flash - Game Demo Subject

2011-01-21 20:19:18 by DreeH

Sup NG population,
So ..... Well, if there is any one who really reed this I'm here to talk about something who is in my head for some time. You see, i had to do a Game , like write the history and create characters and draw them and do then in 3D (fail) and stuffs like that.... In the end our 3D have failed, but that's other story.
What I wanted to say is , i'm thinking on doing a demo in flash about this game,since he gave me so much headache.
I'll post a sketch from the flash protagonist, and a actual image of him.

Who don't know him,he was like this eh/type-heromonstername-here
And now he's like this eh/ezias-actual

But I'm still working somethings on him ...

Flash - Game Demo Subject

Merry Xmass!!

2010-12-25 09:24:16 by DreeH

Merry Xmass everybody!!
But i'll not talk about Christmas here so sorry .-. Anyway , i'm learning Photoshop *o* I'm so happy about that really!! It's been 3 days since I start working with it and I summited two pic's I did whit him ( on my gallery or deviant art.
Right now I'm working(?) in this picture it's a draw i did on paper for my project "Dead by Dawn" a comic where the super hero i'ts a Zombie with ... some .. kind of powers ( more about mechanics ) in a city taken by zombies ( not just normal average zombies there are also mutated zombies) And.... that's pretty much already :D

Hope you guys like it , my resume....
Watch my art!! >.<

Merry Xmass!!


2010-12-11 13:50:06 by DreeH

Hey Dudes sup ?
I got nothing to say ..... well my school's finally ended so i'm on vacation \o/ I forgot to buy the Adobe C5/C4 CD -.- and.. I ended doing some sketches like the picture above.
Above ( click to see full image plz) you can my Spider man character from my project " Spider man Underworld Chronicles" .
That's all for now =P
I'll be uploading more stuff's when I find a good adobe download , or buy the cd.



2010-11-15 11:25:03 by DreeH

Sup guys ? WELL THATS GREAT *0*
So , yesterday i was falling sleepy when i give birth to a incredible IDEA , I like it like so much that i'm thinking on doing a HQ with it *-*. I would love to tell you guys about it , but no one cares with here ='( [ crying/being emo].
So , if you guys want to know more about my Idea give a comment here in this post and maybe I end writing other post telling you guys about it. Anyway , i'll be writing in my blog about it too but I'm Brazilian so.... not all of you may understand BUT i can write it in English if peoples start to like it ..... well them.... by now i'll just resume it in some words
"Zombies , Heroes, Guns , Bloody, Sharp things, Chainsaw, more zombies , BIG zombies, altered Zombies, humans, food and... Villains" that's all for now =x

Guys , sorry but
i need some one who could help with the audio for my game , it's a conclusion work without it i'll not pass year and go to college , no one in my group know how to make a Soundtrack for the game and they don't even care I need some one who could do it for me your name would be in the work and in the audio page.

Please some , help me with the soundtrack if there is any one interested i need

- A music for dudgeon
- A music for Formal Dungeon like , a music for a abandoned classic , formal palace.
- A normal music, like for when the character it's just walking , like a main song , the song that plays while the character it's walking in the map.
- A simple song , that reminds of a village with a touch of jungle.
- A battle song .

And a song of your choice to be used at the main menu screen

Anyone who have ideas or are interested contact me here by message or here under , at the comments.

Hey Newgrounds people,
sorry to bother i need help, in my school we have to do a demo game without it i will not pass year and them i can't go to College , my work it's already delayed cause my group it's going to travel, I just do the draws and help them when modeling [ because the work it's 3D , in Blender].

I need help to do the game soundtrack, i do have idea how to do this so i'm asking if there's anyone there who can help me and do the songs for me please, you will have your name in the Audiovisual part on the document and your name will be as well in the thankfulness at the end of the work.

Please I REALLY NEED HELP with music, any one ho's interested send me a private message here in newgrounds and will tell what i need ,it's not much thing I think.

Thanks anyway you who did read this.


Sound the Horns - G-Project

2010-06-07 20:20:50 by DreeH

I finally did the design of my two main characters
as you guys can see at my gallery =P

Anyway .....

Ahh *----* I'm so happy that I posted the two here in the site
i really like they designs , i think I've been influenced by Avenged Sevenfold music after all i was listening then while I was drawing .... i hear then the whole week ...

Sound the Horns - G-Project