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Flash - Game Demo Subject

2011-01-21 20:19:18 by DreeH

Sup NG population,
So ..... Well, if there is any one who really reed this I'm here to talk about something who is in my head for some time. You see, i had to do a Game , like write the history and create characters and draw them and do then in 3D (fail) and stuffs like that.... In the end our 3D have failed, but that's other story.
What I wanted to say is , i'm thinking on doing a demo in flash about this game,since he gave me so much headache.
I'll post a sketch from the flash protagonist, and a actual image of him.

Who don't know him,he was like this eh/type-heromonstername-here
And now he's like this eh/ezias-actual

But I'm still working somethings on him ...

Flash - Game Demo Subject


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2011-02-18 19:01:09


you know what?

thats just amazing, really amazing!!!
they're really good for being sketches

DreeH responds:

Thanks man *o*
I draw things thinking how they will be on flash so .. don't know , i think it's easy for my life ><