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Little Red Riding Hood and B.B.Wolf

2011-02-20 00:30:38 by DreeH

One of my projects where a lot of fairy tales..okay not a lot like 3 or 4 are involved. This one it's a confrontation between Little Red Hood ( know as Red Hood since she is elite wolf hunter ) and B.b.Wolf ( The Big Bad Wolf) in his human form ( he's kind of a Werewolf )... Yeah the story it's crazy, believe me I do know .-.

Little Red Riding Hood and B.B.Wolf


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2011-02-20 10:32:16

the idea of red hood being a wolf hunter fighting a werewolf is just like...............WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO !

DreeH responds:

hsauhsauhsaus I'm glad you liked xD
But i will put Alice (from wonderland), Hansel and Gretel maybe OZ and etc xD
it's a full pack \o/ "Twisted Tails" xD